Why do people blog?

I’ll admit that I’m a newcomer to this whole blogging thing.  I’ll also admit that while I see some useful applications to such an online forum, I’m still struggling a bit with the whole idea or writing all kinds of personal stuff and then putting it out for anybody and everybody to read.  Maybe that’s because blogs were first described to me as a sort of online diary.   Since I always thought the purpose of a diary was to write the things that you didn’t want anyone else to know, it’s hard for me to know why anyone would want to do that online.  Of course, most of the blogs that I’ve read aren’t full of  people’s deepest darkest secrets, but some that I’ve read do disclose quite a bit of information about the writer.

So, the fact that I’m having trouble coming up with ideas on what to write about is probably due to  my private nature and the simple truth that I don’t think I really have anything profound to say that would be worth someone else’s time in the reading.  I write simply, and I think simply.  I keep most of my thoughts and feelings to myself.  Sometimes I wish I could be more like people half my age who are more open and imaginative and clever.  But I won’t give up on the blogging thing yet.


One Response to “Why do people blog?”

  1. blufaeries Says:

    I DO wonder what you’ll write!

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